Puppies with a Purpose

In Summer of 2015, CVL made the commitment to donate $100 per puppy’s purchase price to different ministries and organizations that we support around the world. Our family has a direct relationship with each organization so you may trust that each group has been thoroughly vetted and is accountable. We will be sharing in this way instead of donating individual dogs in the future. It allows our CVL families to be part of the process. When you prepare to take your puppy home, we send a note to you letting you know about the ministry your puppy purchase is able to bless. What an honor for us!

Deeper Insights into the Ministries that CVL blesses:

Romania is near and dear to our hearts. The people are so resilient as they work to rebuild their country post-Communism. We will be supporting The Bethel House, an orphanage in Giorgiu, Romania. The children that live their are truly a family and are so thankful for the smallest gestures. It is a true gift to be able to bless them. We will also be funding a college scholarship through The Evergreen Foundation for a student to attend college in Bucharest! Our hearts were also moved by the many pastors serving the people of Romania and we will be helping Missio Link, International as they provide salaries for these pastors. We truly love Romania and hope that our families will learn more about this country and the ministries that we support in Romania. If your family would like to support one of our Romanian ministries we will match your gift dollar for dollar! Ask us how you can make a difference, too! www.MissioInternational.org.

We are also honored to be a part of MOPS Romania! Mindi has had the opportunity to help this incredible ministry be planted and we love seeing the fruit of thirty MOPS groups flourishing and encouraging moms. Better Moms make a better world! What an honor to be able to bless www.MOPS.org. Are you a MOPS mom or alum? Let us know and we will share how you may be a part, too! This was a dream come true for Mindi!

We decided as a family to bless Nehemiah Vision Ministries, an organization that serves Haiti’s poorest of the poor in Chambrun and Rampa. Our daughter, Maggie, and many of our friends serve with this great group. Want to learn more? Check out www.nvm.org! We sponsor three children fully every year!

Wilmise, birthday 06/15/2009 lives with her mom and dad in the nearby village of Rampa. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. She enjoys playing with dolls. At home, she helps her parents by sweeping the house. Her parents work a garden and run a small business to provide for their large family. When Wilmise grows up, she hopes to work in diplomacy, or be an ambassador.

Widialie, birthday 10/02/2011 lives with her mom and dad. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. They live in the nearby village of Rampa. Her parents work a garden and run a small business to provide for their large family. Widialie enjoys playing with dolls. When she grows up, she hopes to be a doctor or work in medicine.

Don Threelove Cadet, birthday 10/11/2011 lives with his aunt in the rural village of Chambrun. He has 2 brothers. He enjoys music very much! When he grows up, he hopes to be a doctor so he can find work in the health business.

International Justice Ministry is new for 2017 in CVL’s giving. Our daughter, Maggie, is serving in SE Asia for a one year internship with this incredible organization that hopes to end human slavery and sex trafficking. We also have a special guardian family, The Thomas Family and their four sweet children, utilizing Seth’s legal background to help change laws to bring beauty from the ashes of this blight in our world. We are honored to partner with them. To learn more check out: www.ijm.org.

Family Hope for Children, Central Indiana, is a heartbeat of our lives. This ministry works to keep families out of traditional foster care. It helps families in crisis by providing housing to children in a safe and loving environment with trained host families.and working with local churches to support the parents. Over 95% of families that utilize Family Hope are reunited!

We love to talk about the ministries we are involved in and invite you to get involved, too!