Dear Mindi,

Sophie and I go on a golf cart ride almost everyday to Wolf Run. She is the most precious, loving dog I have ever had. She is only two, and trained to stay in the cart, or get out by invitation only. Thank you so much, Mindi, for placing Sophie with me and my family. We all love her so much, how could you not!!!! She is so smart, with a loving personality. In dogs, and a lot of other things in life, you really do get what you pay for!!!!

Thanks Mindi!!!!


Zionsville, IN

Dearest Mindi,

Because Forest thought that “Louisa Mae” was too southern-sounding a name we went with “Hazel Nut” and the rest is absolutely perfect. I expect that you will be hearing from many people over the years to come who have been referred by me and those who have taken the initiative all on their own, just because they have met Hazel. She is exquisitely beautiful and she doesn’t know a stranger. I don’t know whether all of your customers tell you this, but Hazel has had the qualities of a mature animal since she was a pup. There is only one thing she ever chewed that was regrettable (teeth marks on the leg of a chair), only ONE thing!!! She is such a love. She is one of our greatest pleasures. Thank you so much for this important part of our lives.


Dear Mindi, it is hard to believe we have had Lucy for only 18 months. She is such a big part of our family. I cannot tell you how much we love, love, love this dog. She has brought us so much joy. She was so easy to train. She knows how to sit, go down, stay, come, heel, shake and give hugs. Although we did use a professional trainer at first for advice, we taught her mostly ourselves using the book you gave us “30 Days to a Well-Mannered Dog: The Loved Dog Method”. Our girls like to take Lucy with us to patio restaurants and to get donuts on Saturday mornings. People we don’t know often come up to us and ask where we got her, commenting on what a good looking dog she is and how well-mannered she is. She can retrieve a ball like no other, but also lets our two year old niece crawl all over her. I hope your family is doing well and having a great summer so far.

Warm Regards,


Dallas, Texas