About Us

We are Kyle and Mindi McMillan. We live on a boutique family farm in rural Central Indiana. Our family has always loved animals and we have dogs, cats, chickens, Gypsy Vanner horses, Valais Blacknose sheep, mini horses, and Highland Cattle that live as treasured family members with us!

When one of our eight children was diagnosed with Autism, he used a Canine Companion to assist in his therapies. We were excited that he qualified for his own service dog but knew that the Labradors offered in the program would not work for our family as one our daughters would go into anaphylactic shock around dogs. Looking into the perfect fit for our family, we found the Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle and knew we had found the right match!

We imported our first breeding girl from Adelaide, Australia and had
never seen a Labradoodle in person! Filigree walked off the plane and we were smitten. Our original breeding stock all originate from
Australia and the established lines of Sunsethills, Rutland Manor, and Tegan Park. It is now possible to find wonderful dogs in the United States so we work with breeders in the US, too. We still look outside of the US for our stud dogs as that assists in diversifying our pedigrees. We have studs from Canada and Scotland!

Every litter a portion of the proceeds from that litter is donated to help children locally and around the world. This past year, we shared with Str8 Up: a ministry serving inner city kids on the NW side of Indy, Family Hope: serving Central Indiana by helping keep families out of the foster care system, and helping  Mothers of Preschoolers in Romania. We also fully sponsor the education of a young student in Haiti through Nehemiah Vision Ministries. Due to our strong donation principles, we are unable to discount our puppies for families with disabilities. Trust us, our hearts are broken for these families but the requests are too numerous for us to help all of the families that contact us.